Sunday, November 28, 2010

Micheal's craft contest

Micheal's craft store is having a contest ever week, for 7 weeks on their facebook site!! Each week they give you 3 items that you must have in your craft that you are submitting. I missed the first one! :( Boohoo 

Oh well the second week you had to have a charger, scrap paper and glue. I just decided not to participate, because I was going to submit a clock and there was way to many clocks already posted!
So this week you have to have candles, pine cones and glitter.

  • Materials: White pillar candle, glue gun, quick dry craft bond by K&Company, Martha Stewart glitter, small wired ribbon, pine cones, craft green spray paint, craft gold spay paint, snowflakes stamps, The essential glue pad.

  • Instructions: Spray Paint your pine cones green and gold. Then brush the tips it with the craft bond glue and sprinkle gold glitter on the gold pine cones and green glitter on the green pine cones. Snip off the pine cone petals. Take the gold petals and with the quick dry craft bond place them around the edge of the top of the candle with the petal facing down, let dry and do the same thing to the bottom edge but with them facing up. Then over lap with green petals. Then add your ribbon with the glue gun to hide the end of the pine cone petals on the top edge and the bottom edge. After everything is dry and in place take your embossing buddy and pat down the sides of your candle. Stamp your glue pad with your snowflake stamp on your candle. Sprinkle your glitter alternating your gold and green colors for snowflakes.

    I will let you know whats going on next week!!
    Hope you can make it!

    Sunday, November 7, 2010

    My first blog!!!

     Hello this is my first blog and I'm so happy you are here! I am going to try to display my work that I have completed and other happenings in my life! Right now I'm self employed. I have a Sign Shop, "ArtSmart Signs", where I work out of my garage. 
    I am currently working on my work/craft room. I had to have my sister from Winston-Salem come and help me organize my room. Which she does a great job!!

    Ok, I know what your thinking, that I still have a lot to do. I wish I had some before pictures then you would say WOW you came a long way!